The village Gerlachov is situated under the highest peak of the High Tatras at 721 m about the sea level.      ▫ ▫ » From the history pages « ▫ ▫

The High Tatras are the best-known and the most beautiful recreational area in Slovakia. Transportation to and from the village Gerlachov is possible by a car and by a bus from Poprad, Svit, Tatranská Polianka and Starý Smokovec. There are also train stations close to the village: In Svit /4km/, in Poprad /12km/, and in Tatranská Polianka /3km/.



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Dipl. Ing. Anna Bajzíková
Mlynská 42
059 42 Gerlachov

Tel / fax : +421 52 7758229
mobile phone : +421 907 164 736
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